Board of Directors of 2020/2021

Lindy Horvath               President

Nick Virginillo               Vice President

Lina McNab                  Treasurer

Karen Smith                  Correspondence Secretary

Jason Giacchetta         Recording Secretary

Ron Joevenazzo          Director

Giuliano Abriotti           Director

Frances Pigat               Director

Tony Dagnone             Director

Claudia Lucato             Director

Anna Travaglia             Director

Darrel Nason                Director

John Kobal                   Director

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The Club's mandate is to promote and foster an appreciation of the Italian Language and Culture for the benefit of all its members. Also to promote and protect the welfare and stimulate the social life of its members and to perform philanthropic work with respect to members of the society.

Officially opening in 1974, the Romulus & Remus Italian Cultural Centre has been keeping the Italian culture alive in Lethbridge for 35 years.

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